3 Simple Tips for Healthy Hair that Shines Through

Our hair is our crowning glory, and typically, a woman with hair that’s properly cared for leaves a lasting first impression. However, it is not an easy task to keep hair shiny and maintain its luster just like a beautiful crown. Hair loss is also quite a challenge, and this is why you must know what to do to prevent it. Did you know that your hair is an extension of your skin’s epidermis, pretty much similar to nails? It is comprised of primarily protein and oils which must be nourished to thrive and unleash its utmost potential of enhancing your appearance. Here are some tips on how to achieve beautiful and healthy hair for women:

1. Ultimate Hair Care

There are various products available today that can be tempting to try out, and women tend to spend a tremendous amount of time and money on the desire to have gorgeous hair. It’s common to overdo hair, and too many chemicals can produce an entirely opposite effect on your hair from what exactly you wished for, so don’t wait before it’s too late to realize it! Your hair does more than allow you to have fun styling and coloring it, but helps regulate body temperature as it keeps your hair warm. Ultimate hair care does not mean an awful amount of hair products, but simply tend it with love and care, such as applying ample conditioner to make combing easier, prevent breakage as well as keep hair from drying out. Rub it gently when you towel dry, and use a wide-tooth comb when still wet, never a brush nor fine-toothed comb. For proper hair care check out the easy hairstyles for long hair guide.

2. Beat the Heat

Protect your hair from the sun because prolonged exposure can cause weak, brittle hair that’s vulnerable to split ends, and wearing a hat is the best way to do so. No, we’re not talking only about the sun here, for you must also be wary of putting your hair dryer on its hottest setting. The extreme heat it produces is a surefire way to damage your hair strands, moreover, if you’re going to use a flat iron for styling later on. It is best to keep your blow dryer at just the right setting and enough warmth, then hold it about 6-8 inches away during use. When taking a shower, keep in mind that a hot and steamy one dehydrates hair as it washes down the protective oils on the strands, and can also damage the roots which can lead to annoying and excessive shedding.

3. Bad Habits, Bad Hair Day

As much as possible, steer clear of stressful situations. However, if it’s inevitable, ensure you have time to relax and break-free from routine. Eliminate smoking and get rid of unhealthy eating habits, since these things can adversely affect your hair and make it prone to breakage, not to mention render you looking older than you are with dull, lifeless hair. Replace undesirable practices with a beneficial hobby and go for natural foods, for a healthier lifestyle with a sound mind and body would likewise reflect on your hair. Don’t procrastinate trimming. Longer hair naturally requires it done more frequently, but short hair needs it too. Otherwise, hair can thin out and weaken with split ends that are not only splitting and rather multiplying!

Reasons To Use Detox Water

It is no secret that water is good for the body, however, many of us simply shun the thought of plain old water. In recent times, however, Detox Water has taken over as the buzz word for all things pure. No longer do we have to consume otherwise bland water, since there are several ways to make one’s own concoction, depending on the areas of concentration or one’s personal preferences. Some of the benefits are as follows:

Cleanse the Body

While plain water is still good for you, making this special little concoction will give added benefits in cleansing one’s body and returning it to an alkaline pH. Gone are the days when we need to drink something green, heavy and horrible and rely on the bathroom to be kind to us. Now all we have to do is drop a couple pieces of our favorite or chosen fruits, etcetera in our water for the desired effects. Not only will toxins be diluted, but they will also be flushed from our bodies, giving our liver and kidneys one more reason to love us.

Beautiful Skin

Especially among women, models and celebrities, the need for flawless skin cannot be overstated. Now the secret is out and everyone can have the same beautiful and flawless skin within the comfort of their homes and step out in confidence, regardless of the occasion. Of course the beauty gurus know this all too well and collect a fortune to make their detoxification ‘magic’. Weight LossAnother sore point for most of us is the constant and incessant need to lose weight. The fact is, many of us lack the will-power and/or simply love our food and don’t have the metabolism of an athlete. Detox Water will also work wonders in taking us steps closer to our ideal weight by melting away fat and fighting bloating, while even flattening the stubborn bulge in our otherwise beautiful tummies. This is particularly great news for the ladies with a bikini fetish.

More Energy

And what could be better than having more energy? Absolutely nothing! With this new-found friend being added to your daily life and diet, you will realize that there is an added boost in energy level. Add this to looking better and having more beautiful skin and the possibilities are endless! No longer will energy drinks control one’s life; and the party scene will once again be your playground!

Take the Detox Water

Why choose any other way when there is a healthy and easy alternative to cleansing the body and organs that will leave everyone feeling better about themselves? Water has simply never tasted, looked or been this good! If you want to take this diet seriously check out these detox water recipes on 54health.com, Tumblr and Pinterest.